gunsmoke132 Member. Anybody know what I’m doing wrong? Today I restart Marlin config from scratch to have a minimal working config. What does M43 says regarding what pin its using for Y endstop and Y stepper pins? I used the latest Marlin 1.1.x bug fix edition (1.1.9) and now everything is working correctly except X and Y homing, the machine throws the error: printer halted. I use repeiter host but i downloaded printerrun jsut to see what would happen and it had the exact same effect/ errors. Because this is defined in Z_MIN_POS as 0. @rado79 can you share your configuration.h and configuration_adv.h so I can update the board and give it a try on my SKR Pro ? Here I have home x or home y first, I unable to home the other axis. Do you have M120/M121 in your gcode? Have a question about this project? Recently i updated my 3d printer MKS GEN L v1.0 Board with Marlin 1.1.9.everything working fine Except Homing.when try to home any axis its not going correct direction its going in opposite i searched for solution internet gone through forums and etc.finally i found solution in forum .in this forum they discussing about similar problem. Compare the old and new pins files. Y-axis not homing Last Post RSS david-n18 (@david-n18) New Member. have a diy core xy machine with 0,9° steppers on x, y, z1, z2 I checked the Endstop status using M119 command and Y is always showing triggered. Working again ;). Only my change from homing to ymax instead to ymin helped me. The Z will move up and down twice, then the X and Y axis will move. But if I had one I would try reversing the port numbers in the pins file Data stored in EEPROM is then read to the terminal window. I have tried the configuration.h settings with out the Z probe/ auto bed level settings to see if maybe it was it causing the issue some how but it did not change any thing with or with out the z probe hooked up I still get the same errors so its some thing else I'm missing. debug log Y homing.txt. I'm not sure what would cause this to happen only on X and Y but any help would be appreciated I am at my whits end. (Use Notepad++ compare feature) They should not have changed. Oftentimes in Marlin, speed or acceleration are expressed in [mm/s] or [mm/s2] but the feed is expressed in [mm/min]. The text was updated successfully, but these errors were encountered: What does M119 say about Y endstop? to your account, I get a "error: printer halted. Add G35, and then remove it. the frame is made from this: all of the inner parts for X axis are using the Prusa i3 MK3 parts. theres a catch though, If I home the Y axis first it will give me the error code, if I home X thenY no error code unless I try to print. Everything else for the operation of endstops should be the same between mine and yours. When I use the M119 command all endstops (optical, not mechanical) show as open unless triggered, the endstops are working correctly. @sjasonsmith i have this issue too, but a another problem where we have a code workaround. Steps to Reproduce. Since it seems to be localized to specific hardware. (dual-z sometimes only one motor will continue to drive, switched motors, switched drivers, switched driver socket and reassigned the pins in the pinfile, but it is not reproduceable why one z will fail, sometimes both running like a charme, sometimes one makes troubles.). Maybe it isn't using the right one. both bug fixes work perfect except for the homing issue were it causes the printer to stop responding when X or Y is homed. I am using optical endstops though, some thing I forgot to mention. but I continue to have random failure on homing. [BUG] Printer Halts and Requires Restart During Attempted Auto-Home. The text was updated successfully, but these errors were encountered: I tried the marlin bugfix 2.0 and it also has the same results. Y axis I designed my own parts for, but they work fine, I've already tested the printers movements using Sprinter firmware. If your CNC does not home correctly, check to see if each if the home switches are connected correctly. @G4Cab — Could you re-post your Configuration files? 3d printer X Y Z AXIS Homing problem FIX -Marlin 1.1.9,MKS GEN L V1.0 - Duration: 6:41. Get Outlook for Android<, ________________________________ And yes, i can move the Y-axis in both directions (negative and positive values, soft endstops disabled), Hmm, the same logic with other marlin build where homing works. I am using ramps 1.4 board. homing is working. Hello, when I auto home my new printer 3s the y axis doesn't seem to home that way it should. Press the send button to send the g-code to the 3d printer. Y axis not auto homing [Solved] Y axis not auto homing Last Post RSS leonajos (@leonajos) Active Member. I used the latest version of marlin and as it did years ago and it gave me nothing but issues, printer wouldnt move or home at all. As @G4Cab suggested I have tried homing Y on "+" direction, Thanks for the tip. Passport Renewal Jersey, Shinsekai Yori Anime, Bigwinn Dynamic Duo Lyrics, Arif Zahir Wikipedia, Arif Zahir Wikipedia, Lake & Irving Menu, Case Western Athletics Schedule, Consuela Sale 2019, " />


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